‘Tis the Season

Oh boy can you feel it, Christmas is almost here! Even though we don’t have snow on the ground it sure sounds like Christmas!

For the last 2 months when you turn on the radio or even walk into a store all you hear is Christmas music. When you hear it in November I’m not sure if I hate it or it gets me really excited for the season! Regardless this time of the year is so much fun for everyone and it’s hard not to get into the mood.

So with all that music blaring in your ear everywhere you go I’m curious to hear what your favorite Christmas songs are and maybe even the ones you can’t stand to hear anymore. So many to choose from I know as soon as I pick my favorites I’ll one tomorrow that I love even more.

I’ll kick this party off by giving you my favorites. The one song that gets me choked up every time the choir sings it in church is “O Holy Night” . A close second, is from the great Ray Charles “The Spirit of Christmas”, you might remember this song from the movie Christmas Vacation!  The scene with Chevy Chase watching old movies from his childhood is so good! You just can’t help but get sentimental and relive yours.

One of the worst songs in my opinion is “Santa Baby” please no more!!!!!

Please leave your comments on your favorite songs or not so favorite and let me know if you agree with mine!