What can we say, we had an amazing time with Lexi during her 1st Senior Model session. We captured some beautiful images outside even though it felt like it was 120 degrees. Take a little time to read about Lexi and learn a few things about her you might have not known.

Deyo’s Photography: What are you passionate about?

Lexi: I am passionate about school, friends, and most importantly family.

Deyo’s Photography: What activities do you participate in at your High School and outside of school?

Lexi: I don’t play sports, I work at Elkhorn Kids Campus

Deyo’s Photography: What are you Binge Watching right now?

Lexi: Gossip Girl and Riverdale

Deyo’s Photography: If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Lexi:  My Grandma because she lives out of town and I don’t see her often

Deyo’s Photography: What are your plans after High School?

Lexi: College @ UNL