Christmas Movies

Christmas is a week away and if you are like my family we love watching Christmas Movies! Our family loves to get comfy with our favorite snacks (ice cream) and binge watch all of the classics. Watching all these movies brings back so many great memories growing up!

Now I will tell you that our list of movies is probably a little different then most people. Don’t get me wrong I like the classics but sometimes I find them kind of boring. Sorry not sorry, but I like a Christmas movie that has a lot of comedy and why not throw in some action. I definitely don’t like the horror Christmas movies, they’re just terrible and usually unwatchable so don’t bother.

So here is a list of our favorite Christmas Movies that we watch every year as a family. Hopefully you’ll agree with some of these movies. I know, i know there is a debate on whether or not Lethal Weapon and Die Hard are Christmas movies. Well lets settle it right now!  If the movie was filmed during Christmas, that means it’s a Christmas movie  :) it may not have the meaning of Christmas all over it but it’s still a Christmas movie.



10. A Charlie Brown Christmas

9.   How the Grinch Stole Christmas

8.   Lethal Weapon

7.   Die Hard

6.   Home Alone

5.   A Christmas Story

4.   Elf

3.   Scrooged

2.   Christmas Vacation

1.   Just Friends (watch it while wrapping presents every Christmas Eve)

Let us know if you agree with our list of Christmas Movies and what movies we missed or better yet leave your top 10 list.

From our family to yours have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

The Deyo’s





Just Friends